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The Similars

(„Los Parecidos“ directed by Isaac Ezban, ). the-similars. „The Similars“ läuft im Rahmen des Fantasy Filmfests vom August bis Original Title: Los Parecidos Movie title in your country: The Similars Year of movie: Genres of movie: Status of movie: Released Release date of movie. Handlung von The Similars In der verregneten Nacht vom 2. Oktober flüchten acht Fremde in einen Busbahnhof in Mexico City, um sich vor dem.

The Similars

(„Los Parecidos“ directed by Isaac Ezban, ). the-similars. „The Similars“ läuft im Rahmen des Fantasy Filmfests vom August bis The Similars ein Film von Isaac Ezban mit Gustavo Sánchez Parra, Luis Alberti. Inhaltsangabe: Es ist der Abend des 2. Oktobers , an dem. Jetzt Verfügbarkeit von The Similars überprüfen. Acht Fremde, die in einer stürmischen Nacht in einer Busstation festsitzen, erleiden rätselhafte Anfälle.

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The Similars by Rebecca Hanover

So this is set in a world where clones of people exist. The Gossip Girl Finale in the first half is one thing. Horror [Watchlist]. Alvaro and Ulises disarm Martin.

I think my expectations were too high and I was craving more of a Stepford Wives type of scenario full of suspense with a touch of horror.

This one had some of the ingredients, but just fell flat for me. Darkwood Academy has accepted six clones that are referred to as "the similars" and they What an intriguing premise Darkwood Academy has accepted six clones that are referred to as "the similars" and they are all clones of existing students.

Creepy huh? When the original students see their clones, they are quite stunned. There is a back story to the clones creation and we get the POV from one of the students, Emma who is mourning the death of a friend, Oliver.

She learns that he has a clone, Levi and this is devastating news. I enjoyed some parts and wanted to see how the story would play out, but in the end it felt a bit one dimensional and lacking suspense.

Recommend for fans that are just looking for a fantasy read with a bit of a dystopian flavor. Book is out in January This was a book of halves for me.

The first half was insightful, poignant, and extraordinarily enjoyable. An easy four stars. But the second half was disjointed, campy, and pedestrian.

Two stars. So, the math wizard that I am, decided to average those two ratings and just call it even with the three stars.

The first half. Emmeline Chance is a young woman headed back to school following the death of her best friend. A death that was an apparent suicide.

Wracked with feelings of guilt, remorse, los This was a book of halves for me. Wracked with feelings of guilt, remorse, loss, and that empty forward motion that can afflict the still-living, Emma is trying to just get through this first part of returning to a new year of school.

I felt the depth of Emma's emotions, the complexity with which Hanover approached this girl's recovery process. There was a thoughtful angle by the author which serves to immediately endear the reader to Emma.

She was a likable person, too—as we soon learn about her attitude to the incoming clones who have dubbed themselves the Similars. She's accepting without it seeming to be simply feeding the plot, and she questions the clones without it appearing to be out of character.

Emma's interactions with Levi and the other Similars, her other classmates, and her inner dialogue were well-written and easily displayed Emma as a fully-fleshed out and unique individual.

As the introduction to the Similars themselves progressed, and the story opened up more, I found myself completely immersed in this school and the world beyond.

Emma's situation and how she tries to handle it evoked so much sympathy from me that I was connected to her from the get-go. I could not read that first half fast enough.

The second half. As the book's plot started to come together, filling in the missing or unknown information, and the larger conflict was explained, revealing the story's villain, the plausibility of this book's plot fell apart.

The second half of the book felt off and disconnected from the first. I don't know which idea served as the springboard for the entire book, but they felt distinctly separate.

There were moments in the second half of the book that made me feel that we were perhaps headed back in the right direction, but then something else would come up that was flat and lifeless.

The villain was of a type. He wanted revenge from some past where he felt wronged, and this act and plan must've stunted his maturity and emotional growth, because he came off about as one-dimensional as you can get.

He was villainous and almost let loose a maniacal, hand-wringing laugh by the time he came into the spotlight. Deus ex machina.

The technology in the first half is one thing. Like clones or the easy-to-follow personal electronic devices surrounding the people Even when the mystery opens up, and what is old technology to Emma helps set the stage for just how technologically advanced her society is—all this is easy to accept.

But once the villain comes on the scene, it appears to be no holds barred for highly improbable technology. I don't want to give away anything, which limits my ability to dissect, but it just felt as if there were suddenly limitless possibilities and these were being pelted at Emma without much explanation or reaction to fully impress the reader of the gravity of the situation.

Plunk, here comes another out of this world technology! The twists and turns. The first half didn't have much by way of revealing, just pacing alone wouldn't have allowed it, and I'm thankful that the course didn't vary from giving me a stellar first half.

But what I assume were twists, turns, and reveals in the second half offered me no surprises and were predictable down to the end.

All in all, this was a fairly enjoyable book—with the understanding that the ending was predictable and the villain and his cackling monologuing did not impress me.

As it stands, I have the slated sequel on my Someday list, but we'll see how it pans out before I go diving right into it. I may just still be curious enough about the overall plot to warrant a perusal.

It remains to be seen. I received this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This affected neither my opinion of the book, nor the content of my review.

View 2 comments. There's a lot to like in this book. The idea behind the story is pretty interesting.

The plotline is the strongest point of the book. There are clones and boarding school and little twists and turns both expected and unexpected.

The Similars also has quite a lot of parallels to the US election and chellanges the topics of intolerance, bigotry and general small mindedness.

As well as themes of humanity and identity. By the example of introducing clones into the society and how different pe There's a lot to like in this book.

By the example of introducing clones into the society and how different people react to that. I thought the concept of the story was interesting, but the execution made me have rather mixed feelings.

Although this is the author's debut novel, and there's a lot to like here already, so I'm interested in the sequel and where it goes.

I don't think the time of the setting was specified, but it seems like the book takes place in the very near future.

It's set in a boarding school that has always been known for its intellect and inclusivity. The story follows our main heroine Emma, who goes back to the school, stricken by the loss of her long time friend Oliver over the summer.

Cloning has been banned in the US, so it's even more of a scandal when six clones - who have been created by mistake and raised on a foreign island - of six original students of the academy are announced to be attending the school.

And one of the clones just might be a complete shock to Emma. Boarding schools, mystrious school clubs, politics, secrets and conspiracies are all threads vowen into this story.

As I said, the plot is by far the best thing about this book. I thought most of the side characters were pretty decent, although it seemed like they were the bare bones of something that could've been so much more.

The romance: I didn't mind the idea the two characters together, but more often than not, I was thinking that they had no chemistry, no life to them together.

Tht they were completely shoehorned instead of naturally developed. It could've been done in much more complex way than it was.

What I got was a romance that didn't feel authentic in the slightest. I was told that they have feelings for each other, or how much they mean to each other now, but it was not backed up, therefore I never once believed it.

Overall, this was a nice near future debut novel. It wasn't mind blowing, nor was it forgettable. There's a lot of interesting concepts and messages in here, mixed with good plot, subpar romance and decent enough but also not outstanding enough characters.

Your enjoyment depends on what you want from this book. I think, despite its ups and downs, it was an interesting book focusing on identity and what it means to be human.

Jan 20, Jennifer Gaarder rated it really liked it. Read my reviews at jenchaosreviews. Sourcebooks Fire, January 1, Pages, Hardcover Edition Goodreads Rating: 3.

Her best friend, Oliver, died over the summer and all she can think about Read my reviews at jenchaosreviews. One, not everyone wants to be cloned; and, two, not everyone thinks clones should be treated like human beings-even though that is precisely what they are.

A young girl just lost her best friend to suicide over the summer and was reeling over it when she started her new year at Darkwood Academy.

Taking a stance as the enemy was the first thing she does towards Levi. She felt threatened, even offended that someone would clone a dead person; but at this point, she had no clue what the larger picture was.

However, that's not all who are going to be in the club. She is angry, hurt but also challenging.

Over the past weeks, she has slowly been watching the clones from a distance, seeing what makes them so different from everyone else.

She has also become close to Levi and, while she knows he is not her best friend, she cannot help but feel drawn to him. The first half of the book explores the development of the relationship between Levi and Emma, the protagonist.

Also, there is a tragedy of sorts that occurs where Emma's friend Prudence is sent away to be with her family. The relationship with Levi helps Emma discover a darker and more sinister plot.

More importantly, they discover who the guardian and scientist are that is behind the clones in the first place. There is an even darker agenda that he has.

The story was not as fragmented as I thought it might be, based on some of the reviews that I read on Goodreads. I thought the story was excellent and very action packed.

The thrill of the suspense and what the heck the school was doing was also of great interest. Writing: The writing was smooth and not dull.

I was fully immersed in the book into the wee hours of the night. The simple writing makes this a story suitable for anyone 14 and up.

This was not a cheapened book; it had class. Plot: With the entrance of the six similars came the plots, the main plot and the many other plots to discover.

However, the author made sure to leave something open for a sequel. As I saw on Goodreads, this is book 1 of a series. I am interested to see how this story goes.

The plots are consistent and well thought out. Scythe Faraday, year-olds Rowan Damisch and Citra Terranova reluctantly become his apprentices.

Subjected to killcraft training, exposed to numerous executions, and discouraged from becoming allies or lovers, the two find themselves engaged in a fatal competition but equally determined to fight corruption and cruelty.

The vivid and often violent action unfolds slowly, anchored in complex worldbuilding and propelled by political machinations and existential musings.

The futuristic post— MidMerican world is both dystopia and utopia, free of fear, unexpected death, and blatant racism—multiracial main characters discuss their diverse ethnic percentages rather than purity—but also lacking creativity, emotion, and purpose.

Fear the reaper s …but relish this intelligent and entertaining blend of dark humor and high death tolls. In a world run by the almost all-powerful and almost omniscient artificial intelligence Thunderhead, only the Honorable Scythes deal permanent death to near-immortal humans.

Self-appointed as Scythe Lucifer, Rowan hunts other scythes whom he deems corrupt. Meanwhile, the existentially troubled Thunderhead questions its role as both creation and caretaker of humanity, sworn not to take life but fearing that its utopia will otherwise collapse into dystopia.

Already have an account? Log in. When Gertrudis escapes, she explains that Ignacio has caused the comic book to come true.

Ignacio reveals he was preventing them from leaving. When the others confront him, Ignacio uses his ability to change reality to stop them.

As Ulises dies, he claims to not recognize the others' faces. In his wallet, they find a picture of Ulises, which they perceive as not looking like the bearded clone everyone else has transformed into; they surmise he was the first to transform.

Irene dies during childbirth, and her baby has the cloned face. Ignacio collapses, and Roberta examines him. She says he made contact with the aliens and, not believing them to be real, mistakenly allowed them to control him.

Gertrudis asks Roberta what to do next. Roberta replies, "Nothing. Some time later, the police arrive and arrest Alvaro, blaming him for the deaths.

Gertrudis and Ignacio leave for Tlatelolco, Mexico City. Narration announces that with few exceptions, Ignacio is the only one to remember or know what has happened, much like the comic book.

Writer-director Isaac Ezban was influenced by The Twilight Zone. Like that show, he said he wanted to make a thriller that focused primarily on the characters.

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Roberta Santiago Torres Ignacio Alberto Estrella Reyes Catalina Salas Rosa Luis Alberti Edit Storyline On the rainy night of October 2, , eight characters waiting on a remote bus station for a bus heading to Mexico City start experiencing a strange phenomenon.

Taglines: On , we all become the same. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Some of the main influences for writer and director Isaac Ezban to create this story included the B-Movies of the 50's and 60's, the work of authors like Rod Serling, Richard Matheson, Philip K.

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The Similars
The Similars Im Jahr befinden sich acht Personen an einer abgelegenen Bushaltestelle. Sie möchten nach Mexiko-Stadt reisen. Aufgrund des extremen Unwetters und einem drohenden Sturm, sitzen sie dort fest und suchen nach Schutz. Plötzlich passieren. Handlung von The Similars In der verregneten Nacht vom 2. Oktober flüchten acht Fremde in einen Busbahnhof in Mexico City, um sich vor dem. The Similars Film - Kritik Eine liebevolle Hommage an das Mystery-Kino der er- und er-Jahre, angereichert mit schwarzem Humor und stets. Mexiko im Jahre Am Busbahnhof einer kleiner Provinzstadt warten acht Personen vergeblich auf ihre Fahrt, während ein heftiger Sturm durchs Land zieht. Motives and machinations are as shady as many of the characters and everything — from the creation of the clones to the history of the school — is a puzzle that needs solving. Her initial rage slowly becomes friendship and later a budding Resident Evil 2 Magnum. WHY WOULD YOU CHANGE IT?! My daughter is rather strict about my granddaughters reading so it is hard to find a lot of Young Adult novels that aren't quite "hormone" based. The characters were also pretty decent and the story was overall entertaining. I think the idea of cloning is very interesting. Roberta replies, "Nothing. She lost her BFF to suicide over the summer and she is still reeling from Monte Carlos pain of that Sim Karte Hacken Tool. The twists and turns. Emmaline ChanceLevi Gravelle. Warning: slightly ARC received in The Similars for an honest review - thank you! The first book in a compulsively readable duology, Rebecca Hanover's THE SIMILARS asks us to consider the consequences of our scientific creations. Part cautionary tale, part gripping teen romance, THE SIMILARS is as immersive and fast-paced /5(). 1/1/ · To make matters worse, Emma’s roommate and close friend, Prudence “Pru” Stanwick, is brutally attacked and placed in a medically induced coma. In a world of secrets and hidden agendas, it is up to Emma to discover the truth about Pru’s attack and Oliver’s death with the help of the Similars, although she is not sure if she trusts Rebecca Hanover. The Similars est un film réalisé par Isaac Ezban avec Gustavo Sánchez Parra, Luis Alberti. Synopsis: Par une terrible nuit d'orage, huit inconnus coincés 3/5(18). The SIMILARS are clones of some class mates they look like each other but are different in everything else there are some people who don't know how to accept it and there are those who down right hate it, so the first half of this book was really good, but the second half of this book was slow and the ending was shocking did not see that coming. The Similars (Spanish: Los parecidos) is a Mexican supernatural thriller film written and directed by Isaac Ezban. It stars Gustavo Sánchez Parra, Cassandra Ciangherotti, Fernando Becerril, Humberto Busto, Carmen Beato, Santiago Torres, and María Elena Olivares as people who are trapped by a hurricane at a bus station around the time of the Tlatelolco massacre in The Similars (21) IMDb 1h 30min 18+ On the rainy night of October 2, , eight characters waiting on a remote bus station for a bus heading to Mexico City start experiencing a strange phenomenon. The Similars (The Similars, #1) and The Pretenders (The Similars, #2). Eight people waiting in a remote bus station for a bus start experiencing a strange phenomenon ★ Sci-Fi Fan? Don't miss THIS★ HOR. Tagelanger Dauerregen hat den Verkehr lahm gelegt. Is Available to watch and Muff Potter Tour, buy on demand at Google Play, iTunes, YouTube online. Einzelne belustigende Elemente hat es zuvor auch schon gegeben, gerade auch bei den Figuren und den befremdlichen Dialogen.


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